“200 Halla Ho” film review:  “Tum nahi samajh sakte Dalit hona kya hota hai”

A real life incident that shook the soul of Nagpur, Maharashtra 17 years ago. Here, a group of dalit women from Nagpur slaughtered a man who molested them for over a decade.

The film opens up with the same, where a group of women rush to the courtroom after killing Balli Chaudhary (the man who harrased and molested these women for years), these women are identified there not by their names but by their caste and they are dalits. With such a strong beginning the makers genuinely made the film give a great impact.

The film 200 Halla Ho, by Sarthak Dasgupta attempts to highlight the issue of caste discrimination in society and also taps into issues of patriarchy and privilege. It highlighted the two most important aspects of our nation, women and dalits.

“Tum nahi samajh sakte Dalit hona kya hota hai” and “Main kyun na bolun main Dalit hun, jab ye samaj humein roz yaad dilaata ki main Dalit hun?” says Rinku Rajguru’s character Asha, who is trying to bring justice to all the women who are looked down upon and who are oppressed. There are so many dialogues in the film that are connecting directly to the audience. These dialogues are powering and the cinematography is great. Moreover the heavy parts of the film are fixed to a courtroom, which have monologues by veteran actor Palekar.

The best thing about the film is that, it knows the essence of the film and the story. The writing contributes to keeping a tight rein on the film’s tonal emphasis even as it articulates disgust and fury at the social distortions and legal loopholes that allow the most heinous violations of human rights in the name of caste supremacy.

The writers have done great research and have even met the victim’s family and the real life Balli’s family to write the story in details and to bring the realistic hints to the film.

Moreover IMDb rated the film, 8.1 out of 10 which is quite decent and tagged it as, crime, thriller and drama.