5 best movies with full frontal nudity

Ever wondered why there isn’t much frontal nudity in movies? Most of them are cut out by the censor board but there are few who passed the pond of the censor board and made it to this list. From amazing chemistry between actors to Chris Pine’s dong, check out these movies with full-frontal nudity.

  • Outlaw King
    Chris Pine’s movie Outlaw King is a historical drama about the king of Scotland which is basically the poster child for surprise full frontal. I mean one minute you’re watching accented royalty argue about who should rule the land. The next you’re staring down Chris Pine’s dong.
    Outlaw King Best Quotes – 'We need to unite Scotland.'
  • The Shinning
    This horrifying movie of all time has a lot of surprises but the naked lady in the bathroom surely tops the list of surprises. After jack stumbles into the bathroom he finds there’s already a naked lady occupying the bathroom but slowly starts rotting, who says nudity is always sexy?
    The Shining music – Introductory note | Gordon Stainforth
  • Game Over Man
    Have you ever wanted to see Adam DeVine’s dong? Wish granted, thanks to this Netflix comedy. Game Over Man is a Netflix comedy showing Adam DeVine’s dong and it surely is a huge part of the film(pun intended).
    Game Over, Man! (2018) - Rotten Tomatoes
  • Eastern Promises
    Have you ever wanted to see a grown man kick all sorts of a*se while butt-naked? That’s a dumb question; of course, you have. And that’s exactly what Viggo Mortensen does in this gangster drama.
    After 10 Years, Eastern Promises Continues to Pack a Punch
  • Requiem for a Dream
    There’s a lot of graphic sex in this drama about drug abuse and heroin but be warned. there are few frontal scenes, very little of it is sexy.
    Requiem for a Dream at 20: Aronofsky's nightmare still haunts | Darren Aronofsky | The Guardian