5 biggest S*x Scandals that shooked the entire industry

We all enjoy peeping into the personal lives of Bollywood stars and thanks to the internet we can easily do that with just a click, Bollywood has had many sex scandals before only a few have embarked with us and their character as a person. From Shiney Ahuja to Shakti Kapoor’s sting operation, check out these shocking Bollywood’s S*x Scandals of all time.

Shiney Ahuja rape case:

It is one of the most famous s*x scandals of Bollywood where Shiney Ahuja had raped his young maid when his wife was not in town. At first, the actor claimed he had consensual sex with his maid but later broke down and confessed it was rape. however, he was in jail for 7 years he had his comeback in the movie ‘Welcome back’.
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Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen’s MMS:

After their MMS was leaked Ashmit and Riya came into the limelight. Though the steamy video between these actors showed the most intimate scenes, Ashmit Patel denied that he was in the video.
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Madhur Bhandarkar and Pretti Jain’s S*x Scandal:

In July 2004, Madhur was accused of rape and criminal intimidation by actress Preeti Jain. Preeti stated that she had s*x with Madhur between 2000 and 2003 under the false pretenses of marriage and a lead role in a movie, which later turned out to be the other way around. Preeti was arrested and charged with conspiracy to murder in 2010, Police alleged that she paid gangster-turned-politician Arun Gawli’s one-time aide Naresh Pardesi Rs. 75,000 to have Bhandarkar killed.
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Aman Verma Casting Couch Sting Operation:

Aman Verma was a target of the Casting couch sting operation which was aired live on India TV on March 2005, Verma later sued India Tv CEO Rajat Sharma, program manager Suhaib Ilyasi and journalist Ruchi. Claiming they wanted to “blackmail him and extort money”.

Shakti Kapoor’s Sting Operation:

it was a sting operation by a leading media house that caught him red-handed trying to “get’ with an actress and promising her good roles in Bollywood. In the video clip, the actor said: “I want to make love to you … and if you want to come in this line of business you have to do what I am telling you to do.”.
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Bipasa Basu-Amar Singh Audio S*x:

The entire industry was in shock when a conversation between Bipasa and an aging politician Amar Singh was leaked, When the audiotapes of Amar Singh-Bipasha Basu’s phone conversations were released the entire country was shocked hearing the sexually explicit conversation.
Bipasha Basu opens up about career comeback and her views on nepotism | Bollywood – Gulf News