7 Cartoons that would make every 90’s kid nostalgic

Coming from school at 4 pm and watching Powerpuff girls and Pokémon before leaving for tuition, we already know you are getting those nostalgias all over again. The ’90s was the time for cartoons and they made cartoons as no one did, kids who are not even born in the ’90s are watching them on the internet that’s how connected and fun were the shows to watch. We broke down 7 of the iconic 90’s cartoon shows that would give every 90’s kid nostalgia.

Powerpuff girls
Powerpuff Girls | American television series | Britannica Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup fighting against bad people to save the world was such a nice idea for a cartoon back in the ’90s. And these three characters will forever be the most iconic trios in the history of cartoons.

Scooby Dooby Doo
The strange connection between Bobby Kennedy's death and Scooby-DooTell me you didn’t become a dog lover after this show, yes you did like most of us. An iconic show with mysteries and also taught us a major lesson. And let’s be honest who didn’t just randomly yell ‘scooby dooby dooo’.

Dexters Laboratory
It's Dexter Time | Dexter's Laboratory | Cartoon Network - YouTube A perfect show that portrayed not so perfect yet funny relationship between siblings, also can you like ever get over Dee Dee? Because we can’t.

Tom & Jerry
Tom and Jerry – why they're a cat and mouse double act for the agesNo matter how many times you watch it, it just progressively gets better and better. Every 90’s kid has a special memory of their own with Tom & Jerry.

Popeye was right about spinach! - The Economic Times A show that made us like Spinach, so many teenagers got into eating spinach after the show was aired. It would be every parent’s favourite I guess.

Richie Rich
Watch Richie Rich - Season 1 | Prime Video To be rich and down to earth, Richie Rich taught us that. Being a millionaire himself, he was always up to helping others and saving lives.

Looney toons
Lord Forgive Me: The Life of Urban Looney Tunes | GQ From Sylvester to tweety and road runner, each looney toon was indeed looney enough to make us laugh endlessly. All are favourites is one cartoon was a great idea in the ’90s.