Adhyayan Suman’s love thriller Bekhudi promises to be a passionate ride

“Adhyayan Suman was living the character, has done a fantastic job”, says Bekhudi director Amit Kasaria

There’s nothing more fascinating than a delicious thriller with a love story thrown in the middle and Adhyayan Suman’s upcoming film Bekhudi promises to be just that. The movie that stars Angel and Yuri Suri amongst others traces the story of an affluent man who falls in love with a woman who has a dark past. Brimming with passion and thrill, the film is a love story that captures in its folds relatable love angles which connect with today’s youth. Designed as a multilayered narration a la Rashomon style, the film’s USP is its melodious music.

In a chat, Suman says, “One of the reasons why I did the film was because I had liked the script back then. I had also liked how clear Amit was in his vision and how accommodating he was for an actor like me who had his sense of opinion. I’m very grateful that Amit gave me an opportunity back then. Abhishek, my producer, is a young guy who decided to make this film. It takes a lot for a producer to arrange funds and make a film. He never interfered during the process of making this film.”

The film was shot before the Pandemic adds Suman. “Unfortunately for whatever circumstances, the film didn’t release. For the last couple of years, it didn’t see the light of day. Finally, the film will be coming out now. Back then I was looking for a love story and this was something that really intrigued me. It’s not a flat love story, which is what I liked. I’m excited and I hope that people like it. It’s going to have a theatrical release and hopefully make it to the OTT platform. OTT is booming in such a big way that we are hoping to catch some eyeballs when the film comes out on the OTT space.”

Director Amit Kasaria, for whom Bekhudi is only a second film, says “When you write a film, it becomes your baby and it’s always close to your heart. For me, writing a movie like Bekhudi was technically challenging because I had to write something in the thriller/love-story genre. The story is written from multiple perspectives. Normally in a love story – a boy meets a girl and they fall in love. In stories, we usually glorify the hero. But, when it comes to women, we show them like good girls. We never try to show the real side of the female psyche and I think that while making this film, I have never followed a certain kind of a frame.”

He credits Suman for making his job easy. “Adhyayan, in particular, has done a fantastic job. I think this is Adhyayan’s best performance ever. He was actually living the character. He knew exactly what I was looking for.”

Kasaria doubles up as one of the music directors for the film. “As I am the music director of two songs in the film, I have also written lyrics and also composed music. Music is a strong point here. Daler Mehndi, Jubin Nautiyal. Sonu Nigam have sung our songs. The first requirement to any love story is soulful music and we have that spot on.”

Abhishek Tyagi stated “I am very passionate about filmmaking. This is something very close to my heart, Initially when I read the story is really liked it and thought of making a feature film, and now we are really excited to showcase our baby to the audience. The film is set to release in theatres and we are hoping to come on Ott as well. The film has some beautiful songs and we are hoping that the audience will love it.”