Akshara Singh & Moose Jattana are JEALOUS of Pratik Sehajpal & Neha Bhasin’s closeness

Bigg Boss OTT contestants have been making the headlines quite a lot recently. Viewers are also quite excited to see how long these connections and bonds will last. But fans are surely perplexed about the equation between a few contestants. The banter between Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bashin has been very confusing since Day 1. These two have been fighting and patching things up every other second. This has made Akshara (Pratik’s connection) as well as his good friend Moose Jattana feel a little insecure.

In a recent episode, Pratik and Neha were seen pulling each other’s legs. Pratik was eating an apple when Neha came and took it from his hand and started eating it. Soon after this, Pratik went inside the house and dumped the eaten apple into the dustbin saying he doesn’t eat leftovers. The wit between the two didn’t go well with Moose.

Moose immediately came to Akshara and the two started discussing how Neha was trying to get close to Pratik and even called it childish. Pratik then stopped Moose and cleared the air by saying that Neha is just a good friend.

Later, Pratik went up to Akshara to apologise and told her he was not coming in between Neha and Akshara as he knew that she could handle it on her own. The Bhojpuri actress said that she won’t tolerate Basin’s non-sense and will give it back to her.

Pratik’s close friend Moose was also not happy with Neha and Pratik’s friendship. She was even seen complaining to Pratik about how he had stopped spending time with them. On the other hand, Akshara and Neha had a huge fight recently where the latter asked Akshara to stop playing the victim card.

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