Bigg Boss OTT: Divya Agarwal says Karan Johar calling her ‘Homewrecker’ is wrong, feels latter is biased towards Shamita Shetty

Bigg Boss OTT’s first weekend ka case episode was full of drama. The episode turned out to be the end of Divya and Shamita’s friendship. After the episode, Divya was seen crying near the gym alone while other contestants were having fun. Her connection, Zeeshan and her close friend Ridhima Pandit also tried to comfort her.

When asked about her breakdown, Divya shared that she did not understand why she was labelled a homewrecker by Karan Johar. She further said that it was a very wrong word to be used against her without any reason. If anyone tries to talk to Raqesh (Shamita’s connection), she will be called a homewrecker. Ridhima advised Divya to clear things up with Shamita but the latter denied and said she tried many times.

Divya also questioned Karan Johar’s biassed behaviour. She asked why wasn’t Neha and Shamita’s conversation about her was termed as back-biting and her chat with someone where she was trying to tell her side of the story was termed as bitching.

She later told her connection to Zeeshan, that how Karan projected her things completely wrong in front of the entire house. She added that she doesn’t want to fight Shamita and that’s the reason she wasn’t going to clear things up. Divya also said that she cleared things up with Akshara because she has immense respect for all film industry people.