Bigg Boss OTT Exclusive: Neha VS Milind. The two singers are treated differently by netizens

Bigg Boss OTT is getting more popularity than expected. The show is getting interesting day by day. In yesterday’s episode Pratik Sehejpal and Neha Bhasin were seen fighting for Boss man and Boss lady, against Milind Gaba and Akshara Singh. Here they had to participate in a task “Junglee Bhediya” where these contestants had to make a pyramid and housemates had to break the same to make their favorite one win.

Things are getting more and more controversial in the bigg boss OTT house with all the abuses and fights. After the Zeeshan and Pratik fight the next big thing in the house is Neha Bhasin’s underwear controversy.

The situation becomes really weird lately with ex partners Milind and Neha get into a bad zones. A while ago the famous singer said, Neha bhasin has a habit of feeling everyone’s body in the house for no reason and this was made a into a huge statement by neitizens. This singer was slammed by everyone for making  such a statement about a female participant and house contestant.

Whereas the Bhasin underwear instance was not paid into much heed when this made Gaba uncomfortable of it all. The things took place in a way where Neha Bhasin’s habit of not sleeping with her underwear on made Milind really uncomfortable and nobody took a stand for Milind Gaba, neither inside the house nor outside. Moreover Pratik Sehejpal was seen offering Neha Bhasin his underwear to which Neha said, she is not like him and Nishant who can wear each other’s underwear and she cannot do this.

Things between both the singers started getting worse when after the Bossman and Bosslady challenge, Gaba cooled himself and went to make things good with Neha. To this the female singer shouted and screamed saying he should not have said things about her when she looked at him as a friend. This moved the self esteem inside Gaba and he packed his stuff and sat in front of the gate waiting to leave the house. Gaba said, “Maine bahut paise kamaye hai kaam kar ke, aage bhi kama lunga.” Which clearly stated the actor singer doesn’t want to feel the disrespect in order to earn money and fame from the housemates.s