Bigg Boss OTT LIVE Updates: Pratik Sehajpal destroys captaincy task property, blames audiences for giving bad ‘report card’

Around 10:30 AM (19th August), Pratik went out to break the property of the ongoing ‘Boss Man’ and ‘Boss Lady’ task as he feels that the efforts all housemates put in yesterday, wasn’t awarded enough with a good report card.

Later the fight broke out between Neha Bhasin and Akshara Singh where Neha suggested Akshara to marry pratik and do all his work. In return to which Akshara responds “Hum shaadi karenge or yahi (Neha) saas banke aaengi humaari”. Pratik taunts back at Neha by saying, “Haan, humne bhaag ke shaadi ki hai. Akshara meri biwi hai or humaare bahar aath bacche hai”.

Another fight was started over moose leaving a dirty cup in the garden overnight and Raqesh-Neha accusing Akshara-Pratik of not doing their job and saving their friends. Divya-Zeeshan too blamed Pratik for creating unnecessary scenes.

Today’s morning wake-up song was ‘Maa Da Ladla’ and as the morning has started with such heat, there seems to be more brawl lined up for the day.

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