Bigg Boss OTT: Neha Bhasin is “BITCH OF THE HIGHEST ORDER” says Varun Sood’s sister for “menstruating” comment

With each passing day Bigg Boss OTT is getting dirtier and the contestants are fighting on all the matters that are taking place in the house.

Amongst all the fights, Divya Agarwal is one common name from day one. From picking up a verbal spat on Pratik Sehejpal to taunting Shamita Shetty.

Divya’s strategy looks as though she is here to fight in order to stay in the Bigg Boss OTT house till the end. Amongst all the fights that Divya have had, the one which has kept audiences hooker is the one between Neha Bhasin and Divya. Where the singer body-shamed the actress. Neha Bhasin slyly mocked when she said she was menstruating. These words were said because Divya always seemed to have a bad mood.

This statement made everyone furious, especially sisters of Varun Sood who is Divya’s boyfriend. Vedika Sood and Akshita Sood didn’t like the words and Vedika took the matter to tweeter calling bhasin a ‘bitch’!

Vedika Sood wrote, “Can’t believe #NehaBhasin actually bodyshamed @Divyakitweet because of her periods. Why can’t the houseguests see this & why do they have to gang up on #DivyaAgarwal ? #BiggBossOTT @VootSelect Bitch of the highest order this Neha is”

The girls and Divya’s fans want Karan Johar to notice this and take this matter up on the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode. While things like body-shaming and age-shaming have been a part of the Bigg boss house for years, this has happened for the first time when someone is shamed for having her periods. This matter looks dirtier on TV and now we know why it is uncensored.