Bigg Boss OTT: Sharma took to social media and wrote, “Raqesh Bapat has spoilt the entire game”

Love School season 3 fame, Madhav Sharma shared his views on Raqesh Bapat of Bigg Boss OTT. The Chandigarh boy claims that after watching the episodes of the show, he felt disappointed and shared his views on social media.

The boy questioned the viewers and bigg boss lovers what is Raqesh Bapat doing in the show. The boy says,“Raqesh Bapat has spoilt the entire game by being on a reality TV show. He has taken the place of a real and genuine person on an OTT platform, people come here to watch some fun and he is providing none of it and is definitely not worth it. Just by again and again saying I’ll quit the show, who is he threatening? Why is Raqesh Bapat on this show and why has he come to this show when more deserving and entertaining people could have been there.”

He further stated, “Raqesh has been the most clueless person in this reality show, he (Raqesh) has no idea what he is doing, he doesn’t understand what he needs to do in any task given by Bigg Boss nor does he reply properly to anyone. When Karan Johar asked him a question he had no proper answer and seemed even more clueless than he usually does, how is he a part of this show, when clearly more deserving and talented people could have replaced him.”

Madhav further seemed disappointed as he expected much fun in this uncensored OTT show. People, what do you have to say about Madhav’s opinion, are you one with it or no? Tell us in the comment section. For more such stories on Bigg Boss OTT keep a close tab on IndiaChron.