Ex-wife Ridhi Dogra comes out in support of Raqesh Bapat, says “By choosing goodness and humanity one is a winner”

Actor Raqesh Bapat, who is currently a part of the show Bigg Boss OTT, recently made headlines after he got into a huge fight with Pratik Sehajpal.

In one episode, Pratik was constantly seen calling Raqesh “spineless.” This triggered the Bossman of the house (Raqesh), and the two got into a huge verbal spat. Raqesh recalled how host Karan Johar also called him ‘spineless’ in last Sunday Ka Vaar episode. After this, Raqesh broke down and was seen in tears.

During his breakdown, Raqesh said, “My father wouldn’t be happy to see me like this!” He further said, “I am an Army personnel’s son, and my father would always tell me to fight for what’s right. He wouldn’t be happy to see me fighting over small matters.”

Raqesh’s team shared a clip of him stating the same. In the clip, Raqesh said that he won’t fight for the wrong cause as he is a son of a soldier.

Check out the clip here:

Since then many have shown their support for Raqesh on social media. Actress and ex-wife Ridhi Dogra came out in his support. Ridhi commented on the post and shared a few wise words for Raqesh.

Ridhi said, “By choosing goodness and humanity one is a winner. Being loud and twisting words and not letting people speak is unfortunately considered entertainment in this world. But there are some of us on the side of humanity. And that’s what matters! @raqeshbapat.

Raqesh revealed that he was hurt more when Nishant, who has been his friend for 15 years now, didn’t say a word in his support. Raqesh said Nishant was a very close friend and he didn’t expect this out of him. He further said that he got Nishant ahead in his life when he was not doing well. Later, Nishant got extremely emotional seeing Raqesh in tears. Nishant said he had never seen Raqesh like this and decided to sort things out with him.