From Farah Khan to Twinkle Khanna, celebs hail Rakhi Sawant, calls her ‘Megastar’

Hate her or love her, you can’t ignore her; Here’s ‘The Rakhi Sawant’ for you guys! Rakhi is not unknown to any household. It takes decades to turn a legend but she has done all of it in just 25 years of being in this industry. Go and ask on the street, you’ll get thousands of remarks and responses about her, both good and bad.

Recently on a TV show, Rakhi said that she owes her stardom to Farah Khan because she is her discovery. Upon hearing this, Farah lauded her and said, “I have given two megastars to the industry, one is Deepika Padukone, and the other is Rakhi Sawant. Both of them are great actors, but I have to say that Rakhi was the most punctual, hard-working, well-behaved, and respectful girl on the sets of Main Hoon Na and I love her for that.”

For the unversed, Tweak India is a channel founded by Twinkle Khanna that helps women answer questions on health, wellness, parenting, career, relationships and more. In one of the articles on their website, Twinkle has said, “Rakhi Sawant is everything I could never be, and I love her for it”. She later added, “With the kind of public ridicule Rakhi Sawant has endured over the years, I would have dug myself a hole and lived the rest of my life as a meerkat. But when you’re in on the joke, you can’t be embarrassed. As much as we may laugh at her, she’s laughing too — all the way to the bank, pulling her family out of poverty and building a life for herself in a pretty cut-throat industry.” In response to which Rakhi shared a heartfelt post, check here :

Rakhi Sawant has been vocal about the difficulties she has faced over her career span. “I have truly faced a lot of struggle in my life. In fact, at the start of my career, I used to audition for anything and everything that I heard about. There was a time when even though I was not called for a particular audition, I would enter their office and request them to take my audition. My mother had told me that there would be a lot of struggle, but one day I could be like Helen, Madhuri Dixit or Sridevi”, Sawant said.

Rakhi had further added, “I used to give my best and to look slim and fit, I used to have only one bowl of dal every day. However, things weren’t looking so great. But one fine day, I got a call from Farah Khan Madam’s office, and they called me for an audition at Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies’ office and things changed from there. As soon as I kept the phone, I lost consciousness. My mother gave me another bowl of dal and that’s when I got into my senses and started preparing for my audition.”