High Throughput Screening Market to hit US$ 16.7 billion by 2030, Says Growth Plus Reports

Pune, Dec. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As per the report published by Growth Plus Reports the Global High Throughput Screening Market was estimated at US$ 16.7 billion in 2021 and is expected to surpass a valuation of US$ 18.09 billion by 2030, progressing at a CAGR of 10.5% from 2022 to 2030. The report provides a detailed analysis of top winning strategies, drivers & opportunities, competitive scenario, wavering market trends, market size, statistics & estimations, and major investment pockets. Owing to the rising application in drug discovery and increased investment by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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Market Drivers

The primary driver of the global high throughput screening market is the growing application in drug discovery and development. The increase in overall research and development spending by biotech and pharma companies is playing an important role in the global market growth. The increasing use of high throughput screening in life science, as well as ongoing innovation in the field of drug development for life-threatening diseases, is driving up demand for high throughput screening. Furthermore, rising government initiatives and investments in drug development are fueling global market growth. The development of novel treatments for a variety of life-threatening disorders, as well as the use of open innovation techniques in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, are helping to drive market growth.

The global high throughput screening market has been analyzed from four perspectives–technology, application, end-user, and region.

Excerpts from ‘By Technology Segmentation’

Based on technology, the global high throughput screening market is categorized into:

  • Cell-Based Assays
  • 3d-Cell Culture
  • Ultra-High Throughput Screening
  • Lab-on-A-Chip Technology (Loc)
  • Label-Free Technology

The cell-based assays has the largest market share of the global high throughput screening market in 2021. The cell-based assays category is further subdivided into fluorometric imaging plate reader assays and reporter-based assays. The increased use of fluorometric imaging plate reader assays can be attributed to the large share of the cell-based assays segment. It is the most used method of cell-based assays because it produces visible results and can be performed with a small amount of sample. Furthermore, fluorometric imaging plate reader assays provide real-time data, sensitivity, data fidelity, and sample kinetic information, increasing the demand for fluorometric imaging plate reader assays.

Excerpts from ‘By Application Segmentation’

Based on application, the global high throughput screening market is segmented in:

  • Drug Discovery Programs
  • Biochemical Screening
  • Chemical Biology Programs
  • Cell & Organ-Based Screening

The drug discovery segment dominates the global high throughput screening market with the largest market share in 2021. The increase in investment by leading players and government organizations in R&D of novel pharmaceuticals for the treatment of life-threatening disorders is a key factor driving segment expansion. Additionally, a significant number of research institutions are engaged in the process of developing new drugs, which contributes to the segment expansion. The use of HTS reduces the overall cost of drug development, hence a significant number of pharma and biotech businesses are investing in drug discovery.

Excerpts from ‘By Region Segmentation’

Based on region, the global high throughput screening market has been segmented into:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World

North America dominated the global high throughput screening market in 2021, followed by Europe. Asia Pacific market is anticipated to grow at the fastest CAGR during the forecast period. The large share of North America can be attributed to the region’s rise in R&D with the government organization’s rising initiative for drug development and discovery. Furthermore, the presence of major players and research institutes in the region contributes to regional growth.

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Excerpts from ‘Competitive Landscape’

The prominent players operating in the global high throughput screening market are:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
  • Agilent Technologies Inc.
  • Danaher Corporation
  • PerkinElmer Inc.
  • Tecan Group Ltd
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Merck KGaA
  • Hamilton Company
  • Axxam S.p.A.
  • Aurora Biomed
  • Corning Incorporated
  • Promega Corporation
  • Lonza, Solvias AG
  • Charles River Laboratories

Table of Content

    1. Market Ecosystem
    2. Timeline Under Consideration
      1. Historical Years – 2020
      2. Base Year – 2021
      3. Forecasted Years – 2022 to 2030
    3. Currency Used in the Report
    1. Research Approach
    2. Data Collection Methodology
    3. Data Sources
      1. Secondary Sources 
      2. Primary Sources 
    4. Market Estimation Approach
      1. Bottom Up
      2. Top Down 
    5. Market Forecasting Model
    6. Limitations and Assumptions
    1. Current Market Trends (COVID-19 Perspective)
    2. Key Players & Competitive Positioning (2021) 
    1. Drivers
    2. Restraints/Challenges
    3. Opportunities
    1. Cell-based Assays
      1. Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader Assays
        1. In-vitro studies (Pharmacophores identification in drug discovery)
        2. Clinical applications (Cardiotoxicity assays)
      2. Reporter based Assays
        1. Clinical applications (Reporter assay in biological systems analysis)
        2. In-vitro studies (Genetic reporter assays in cloning tools for live-cell work)
    2. 3D – Cell Cultures
      1. Clinical applications (Regenerative medicine)
      2. In-vitro studies (Drug discovery, molecular cell biology)
    3. Ultra-High Throughput Screening
    4. Lab-On-A-Chip Technology (LOC)
    5. Label-Free Technology

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