Intense battles in Gaza: Israeli forces clash with Hamas militants

Intense clashes have erupted in Gaza as Israeli forces engage in fierce battles with Hamas militants. The conflict, escalating in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, has seen Israeli troops facing off against armed Palestinians, particularly in the Jabalia region.

Reports indicate that Israeli warplanes have targeted sites in Jabalia, prompting the evacuation of a significant number of Palestinians from the area. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has expressed deep concerns over the evacuation orders issued for Jabalia and Rafah in southern Gaza.

The situation has highlighted internal disagreements within Israel regarding the strategic approach to the Gaza conflict. Israeli military leaders have voiced dissatisfaction with the lack of a clear political strategy post-war, leading to ongoing military engagements in areas like Jabalia.

Amidst these clashes, a rocket from Gaza struck a residential building in Ashkelon, injuring several individuals. As tensions escalate, Israel braces for potential further attacks on its territory, particularly as military operations intensify in Rafah.