Is Karan Johar trying to follow Salman Khan while hosting?

Karan Johar who has been hosting the Bigg Boss OTT is been 2 weeks already. While Karan Johar has his own personality and hosting attitudes, but the netizens feels that he is trying to ape Salman Khan who was hosting the previous seasons of Bigg Boss.

The moment while he was educating the housemates of Bigg Boss OTT, it was felt that he was trying to behave like Salman Khan throughout by his body movement and gestures.

Hina Khan who made her appearance lately shared that she was impressed with Karan Johar’s acting skills. Lately in an interview Johar explained that he would choose Ranveer Singh as his co-host because, “Ranveer is a powerhouse of energy and entertainment in the Bollywood industry and is a treat to watch and interact with. He would fit in very well because … is Over The Top, unfiltered, entertaining and is his real self which is what is required for the show”. Though Ranveer is currently busy hosting The Big Picture on TV.

Bigg Boss OTT is the first season of the Indian reality TV series Bigg Boss to be made for and aired on a streaming platform exclusively and was started on August 8 2021. It will stream for six weeks, ahead of its television version Bigg Boss 15 which it will then merge into one. In this season, some new features are being made accessible for the audience such as Nominations, Punishments & Report Card. The contestants of this season are Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal, Divya Agarwal, Neha Bhasin, Zeeshan Khan, Raqesh Bapat, Ridhima Pandit, Millind Gaba, Zeeshan Khan, Karan Nath, Nishant Bhat and Akshara Singh. The season is streaming on Voot.