Kangana Ranaut claims China hacker has targeted her Instagram, reveals “All my stories about Taliban has disappeared”

Actor Kangana Ranaut on Wednesday claimed a “very big international conspiracy” is targeting her Instagram account. She informed her fans via  Instagram Story that someone ‘tried to hack into her account from China, and now she’s having difficulty staying logged in.

Kangana has quite frequently used her social media to raise her voice. She recently misused her platforms to lash out. She was banished from Twitter for violating the platform’s Hateful Conduct policy and Abusive Behaviour policy. Since then, she has been extremely active on Instagram but predicted that she would soon be removed from there as well.

Via her Instagram stories Kangana shared,  “Last night I got an Instagram alert as someone tried to hack my account in China, the alert disappeared suddenly, and this morning all my stories about the Taliban have disappeared. My account was disabled. After calling Instagram people I could access it, but as I try to write I am getting logged out of my account again and again.”

She further added: “Took my sister’s phone to do this story as she has my account open on her phone as well. This is a very big international conspiracy… Unbelievable.”

After being cancelled from Twitter, Kangana mocked the platform for promoting freedom of speech. In an Instagram Story in May, she wrote, “Poor Twitter begging for the freedom of speech, Twitter the great, the unelected member of parliament, supreme justice of the world, keeper of the moral compass of humanity and what are their basic qualifications or credentials to ask or forcefully acquire this power? Who are they?”