Kareena Kapoor’s third child brings ill-luck, complaint filed against actress for THIS serious reason

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Ultimate manual to motherhood has sparked a sensation if reading not only among the moms to be but also among the youth. Some call it bravery while some say it’s just a publicity stunt as it has the first picture of “Jeh” her baby boy’s picture in it, “Not just a book, but it’s my third child.” said the actress. This book in just 10 days has gained both fame and controversy for having the word “Bible” in the name. Removal of the word Bible is what the Christian society has demanded as the name says “Pregnancy Bible”. Alpha Omega Christian Mahasangha president Ashish Shinde filed a police case against the actress, the co writer and even the publisher for hurting the religious sentiments of the Christian community.

Rising a protest against Bebo, the Christian society of Jabalpur Sarva Saba had also filed a complaint, saying they are hurt by the actions of the actress for naming her book in the name of Bible. Whereas the actress says, Titled Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible, the book is a “very personal account of what I experienced both physically and emotionally through both my pregnancies, there were good days and bad days some days I was raring to go to work and others where I struggled to get out of bed. In many ways, this book is like my third child from conception to its birth today .” Nevertheless neitizens went gaga on the fact of Bebo being an actress and a mother and now an author. Let’s see how well this book goes down the line and what all controversies happen next.