Naseeruddin Shah the senior actor doesn’t fear Death

”Katha’s” senior actor Naseeruddin Shah doesn’t fear death. This senior actor was hospitalized in Mumbai’s PD Hinduja hospital about 2 weeks ago reportedly, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and there was a patch found in his lungs.

After being stable and out of danger now this Padma Shri awarded actor was interviewed on who he feels on being 71 and back from hospital.

As reported in the DNA INDIA the Interviewer asked the actor, “The future remains uncertain, what are your thoughts on mortality and immortality through one’s art?”
To which the senior actor replied, “Thoughts of mortality has been in my head since I turned fifty. Each new decade introduces one to newer bodily frailties. And I want to get more work done before my time is up. The thought of death doesn’t scare me but the possibility of becoming an invalid does”.

This Veteran actor’s last film till date was Tashket files and the actor played the part as well as he had played all his parts. Not just in the leads, but he nailed even the bits he had in ZNMD and in Jaane tu ya jaane na. And the actor is expected to work even at this age.

Having been so efficient and strong we don’t expect this prestigious actor to be scared of death. The parts he has played and the work he has done are amazing and probably gives him the strength to want to work more.