Neitizens compare Taimur’s Nanny, Savitri to West Bengal’s CM, Mamata Banerjee

As the Khans returned from Maldives, the pictures of their airport looks starred going viral. Along with that went viral the pictures of Taimur and Jehangir’s nanny.

We received the pictures of our youngest pataudi, Jehangir Ali Khan. The little baby is seen enjoying the warmth of his nanny in a blue coloured onesie in the arms of his nanny.  This is the same nanny who was in charge of taking care of Taimur when he was younger and this made the lady very famous. Her name is Savitri and she was seen taking Taimur all across the city. Now we expect to see her with baby Jeh everytime and everywhere.

The funny thing is that many people are comparing her to the CM of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee. When Viral Bhayani uploaded a video of Nanny Savitri holding Baby Jeh in her arms fans loved it but some went around laughing at it saying, “Magar ye mamta banerjee kyu hath me utha ke le ja rahi he usko,” while another one wrote, “Ye Mamata Benarji He Kya {Didi}.” Even someone else had the same statement. The person wrote, “Wo sab to thik h pr mamta banrjee ko bachha sambhalne ko rkh liya saif ne wow gzb paisa hai yr.” Another one asked why the same nanny was employed twice and people should give chances to ‘fresh talent’.

Kareena’s trip to Maldives with her family has gained a lot of love and affection on social media and so has her kids for the same.

To watch the video of nanny Savitri with baby Jeh click on the link below: (video credit: Viral Bhayani)