Pornstar Ron Jeremy accused of assaulting 21 women and girls

A famous name in the pornographic industry, Ron Jeremy was charged with the Rape and sexual assault of 21 women and girls.
Jeremy has been a part of the X-Rated films for years now since 1970 and has been subject of criminal allegations.

In June 2020, the actor was accused of raping and assaulting 4 women. He is also charged of 21 alleged victims between the ages of 15 and 51, said Los Angeles county prosecutor George Gascon on Wednesday. George said that these are charges since 1996.

This 68 years old X-Rated star who has appeared in films like, “Deep Throat II” and “John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut” was considered innocent on Twitter by himself when he denied all the charges that he was accused of.

“Ron — over the years, because of who he is — has essentially been a paramour to over 4,000 women. And to allege that he is a rapist is beyond… I mean, women throw themselves at him,” said Stuart Goldfarb adding to it that his client is not a rapist.