Priyanshu Chatterjee celebrates his first film “Tum Bin” as it completes 20years

Priyanshu Chatterjee is an Indian film actor and former model known for his works in Bollywood, and Bengali cinema. He made his Hindi film debut in the box-office big success “Tum Bin” in 2001.

Priyanshu made his big Bollywood debut ’20years’ ago with Anubhav Sinha’s  ‘Tum Bin’ .

The actor became an  overnight sensation post his Bollywood debut Tum Bin and there was no looking back for the actor.

The actor received immense love and appreciation for his performance in the movie.

‘Etimes’, got in touch with the actor for an exclusive interview, where he was asked about coming on board for the film, his memories of shooting for it, a song from the film that was close to his heart, and he was also asked about how he look back at “Tum Bin” today, The actor said, I look back at it today as a part of my journey into the world of movies. It was one of my first few baby steps in the field of acting. I came on board for the film after a long-drawn-out series of screen tests, auditions, and a music video”.

He added, “It was somewhat of a sleeper hit, and yes, I did expect it to do reasonably well. I received favourable reactions from the audience after the film’s release. That was a purely unintentional development and it took a lot of time for me to get used to it. I feel it was not me but my character ‘Shekhar Malhotra’, who received all the love”