Raj Kundra Pornography case: Crime branch extracted details about the money earned from the Hotshots app

Raj Kundra was called a key conspirator by the Mumbai police. He was arrested on July 19th  and has been under judicial custody ever since. He was reported to the magistrate’s court today and was presented with 14 days of judicial custody. Kundra along with 10 others have been arrested for creating and distributing pornographic content through various apps. According to reports, the crime branch asked for 7 day custody of Raj Kundra which was denied by the court.

The crime branch also claims that Raj Kundra’s two bank accounts have been frozen by them.
They have even requested the victims to come forward, but one has till now.

Police also reported that they have found mobile and Macbook chats between Ryan and Kundra. The chats provide details about revenue and profits earned through the app ‘Hotshots’. For the unversed, the ‘Hotshots’ application was used to distribute adult films.

According to IANS, Raj is the owner of Viaan Industries Limited, while Pradeep Bakshi — a British citizen who is married to Kundra’s sister — is the chairman of Kenrin Ltd., London. Both companies worked on a mobile app called ‘HotShots Digital Entertainment’, developed by Kenrin Ltd.

As per sources, Raj Kundra allegedly supplied all the content for the app and controlled the UK firm from his Viaan Industries office. Raj Kundra and the entire team earned an average profit of Rs 5 lakh per pornographic video released on the application. Police have frozen Rs. 7.5 crore in various accounts related to Raj Kundra.