Raj Kundra Pornography case: Mumbai Police finds out Yash Thakur is Arvundkumar Srivastava, he used two identities

Raj Kundra’s ongoing pornography case stunned everyone. The businessman was arrested by Mumbai Police for running an adult film company. On this reference, while investigating police discovered that Arvindkumar Srivastav and Yash Thakur are the same person who were accused in this case.

Reportedly, Srivastava was using the identity of a person who already passed away in August 2020 due to a brain tumour. The accused also claims that businessman Raj Kundra had paid the higher authority a large sum of Rs25 lakh to delay his arrest.

Though the accuse desperately claims that the movies they made were erotica and not porn, but the crime branch made clear that the portals they ran were under Bhopal-based intelligence agency officer, whose wife owned a company named Flizmovies OPC Pvt. Ltd.

However, Srivastava completely denied about the fact of knowing any central government official.

The Bhopal based officer owns a company named Flizmovies OPC Pvt. Ltd. He claimed that he was connected by Srivastava aka Thakur through Yahoo in the year 2005 and discussed about making an OTT platform to host award-winning short films.

The officer in charge claimed that Thakur was in charge of the affairs of the company, while finding out that the portal contains porn content, he decided to back out in August 2020.

Srivastava claims that he is just a middle man for Nuefliks.com who acquired the portal that was running in Thakur’s wife’s name that allegedly uploads X-rated content.