Sawara Bhaskar tweets letter to Olympic Committee about caste discrimination, gets trolled

Swara Bhasker has always been that one Bollywood actress who has been afraid to speak her mind. Unfortunately, sometimes this backfires on a lot of social media backlash. When the Indian Women’s hockey team lost in the semi-finals, a few team members’ families started to face casteist slurs.

According to a PTI report, a man was arrested for casteist remarks against the family of Vandana Katariya, who was part of the Indian women’s hockey team. Post this incident, many people took to social media to condemn the issue. Azad Samaj Party’s spokesperson Suraj Kumar Bauddh penned a letter to the Olympic Committee on caste discrimination with Oly star Vandana Katariya.

Swara Bhasker reacted to the tweet and said, “We shouldn’t need the #Olympics committee to tell us to take care of our fellow citizens and sportspeople! Shameful what has happened to #VandanaKatariya .. we are a diseased society.”


This led to a social media feud between Suraj and Swara. Suraj responded to Swara’s tweet with,
“After my letter to the Olympic Committee on Caste Discrimination with Oly star Vandana Katariya, Swara Bhasker came out in support of her caste termites kith and kin. Says, “it’s our internal matter.” How clever are the savarna liberals! #CrushTheCaste”

Swara responded to this with, “Relax buddy! Read my tweet again. Literally, I have not even used the words “internal matter”.. Pls don’t twist my tweet to suit whatever it is you are trying to accuse me of.”

After this, the actress started receiving a lot of backlash. Swara decided to respond to the hate with, “I think you guys are misunderstanding my tweet completely. I’m simply saying it shouldn’t have come to this. You shouldn’t have in the first place needed to write to an international organisation.. our own govt. should take cognisance and provide support to Vandana. That’s all!”