Shweta Tiwari gets relief from the court after her ex-husband filed an FIR against her

Actress Shweta Tiwari and her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli have made headlines ever since the actress uploaded a video of Abhinav allegedly assaulting her in her society’s main compound.

Shweta, also famously known as Prerna, has always led a life with dignity and respect for others. She spoke the truth only when her family’s name was dragged through the mud.

When Shweta Tiwari was in Cape Town shooting for the show Khatron Ke Khiladi, her husband Abhinav claimed that she left their son Reyansh all alone. Later on, reports revealed that Abhinav was reaching out to several authorities to take legal action against Shweta. A few videos of him also surfaced wherein he suggested that an FIR had been filed against Shweta and that she had fled the country in violation of proceedings pending before the court.

In a conversation with a news portal, a source close to Shweta enlightened us and revealed that “It is correct that an FIR was filed in the year 2021 for the alleged offence committed in 2017 which pertains to forging of a NOC of Abhinav Kohli permitting their minor son to apply for a visa for travelling to the UK. The source further said that as per Abhinav, his signature on the NOC was forged by Shweta which seems rather odd as in the same year Abhinav has gone ahead and given another NOC to secure a visa for their son to travel to the same country.” The source further added: “If Abhinav’s signature was forged by Shweta then why would he give the same NOC on a subsequent date for travel to the same country. Furthermore, if the alleged forging was committed in 2017 then why did Abhinav wait until 2021.”The source has reportedly handed over a copy of the order dated July 14 to a correspondent that was passed by the Greater Bombay Sessions Court granting anticipatory bail to Shweta Tiwari in an alleged FIR registered in the instance of Abhinav Kohli.