Sidharth Shukla’s trainer Sonu Chaurasia remembers the late actor, says ” fitness was his way of life”

Sidharth Shukla’s untimely death has broken as a shock and everyone is talking about the actor’s life, achievements and sudden death. Sidharth is said to be an actor with a great heart and a fitness enthusiast. He worked out everyday for making and keeping himself fit and was well built man with a good physique and a great mental determination was leading a life with no health issue.

After the actor’s demise his close friend and gym trainer Sonu Chourasia, has opened up about Sidharth’s fitness regime. Sonu has refused to all the news of Shukla overexerting himself and stated that fitness was his way of life, he also said that Sidharth was against crash diet and rather followed a very healthy lifestyle.

While talking to Times of India, Sonu said, “Overexertion happens to only those who are irregular in their fitness training, for Sidharth it was his way of life and was totally involved in it. Unlike those who often followed trends when it comes to diet he was against any kind of crash diet and loved home-cooked food especially prepared by his mother.”
All these clearly stated that Sidharth was really fond of eating simple homemade food and his workout sessions acquired weight training in the morning and cardio in the evening.

Sonu mentioned that he met Sidharth on the 24th of August before leaving for Bhopal. He said, Sidharth had an ankle injury and so he was taking medicines for that. “This was about two months ago and he took a break of 15 days as the doctors told him not to exert his feet. And that time he did tell me that his stomach had begun bloating because of the steroids and had to do something about it,” said the trainer.