Sumukhi Suresh to Kaneez Surka: 6 women comedians who broke the stereotype in the man’s world of stand-up

Your mental health might be at stake in these tough times, but don’t worry these 6 comedians have got your back. People say comedy is the best remedy and it surely is when these women comedians come on stage and absolutely slew their stage time. For some people, comedy is a tough thing to do, even in movies we don’t see many female comedic roles. But lucky for you these comedians don’t even have to try to be funny their presence can already make you rolling deep in laughter. From Prashasti Singh to Kaneez Surka here are the 6 funniest and wittiest female comedians.

Neeti Palta
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Neeti is known for her witty humour and brutal honesty in her comedy, she takes you on a roller-coaster ride with her comedy and surely makes you roll in deep laughter. Her Amazon special will take you on a series of emotions with her real-life funny experiences and worth the watch.

Sumukhi Suresh
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Sumukhi might be one of the most relatable comedians out there, pain is there but it’s hella funny and we can’t stop thinking about how brilliantly she delivers her jokes. ‘Don’t Tell Amma’ was one of her biggest specials and received a great response from critics.

Anu Menon
Anu Menon discusses her life as a Chennai-born Malayali married to a Gujarati family that serves as
Anu is a storyteller through her comedy, narrating incidents from her life and self-deprecating wit. This exactly how her show ‘Wonder Menon’ is. Unapologetic, raw and wild is what Anu Menon and her standup Wonder Menon are.

Kaneez Surka
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Kaneez, also known as the queen of improv also known for her spontaneous sense of humour. Did multiple shows and gigs to be where she is. Kaneez Surka is currently at the top with other comedians with her show The General Fun Game Show.

Prashasti Singh
Prashasti Singh - IMDbPrashasti comes with her witty side and her most UP accent when it comes to comedy. Prashasti started her career on a comedy reality show and have been doing well since. She was recently featured on a Netflix original comedy special ‘Ladies Up’.

Urooj Ashfaq
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Urooj is known for her dark humour which can take you on a series of emotions, laughter being the major one. With her dark and absurd comedy, she surely has risen to the top in no time.