Tania Singh confessed to the magistrate that there was no option left for her, breaks down in court

Honey Singh’s wife Tania Singh filed a case of Rape against Yo Yo Honey Singh and his family few days back and during the hearing of the domestic violence case, Tania breaks down in front of the judges and the court, says that there was no other option left for her than filing a case. The magistrate feeling pity pity for Tania asked for her decision.

Though the popular singer YO YO Honey Singh was nowhere seen inside the court area.

Tania Singh confessed to the Metropolitan Magistrate “I am left with no option. I gave him 10 years. I left everything. I stood by him. He has abandoned me,” to which the judge replied, “What do you want from the court now? What stage is the marriage at? Where is the love lost?”

On shaming Honey Singh for not being present in the court, the magistrate remarks, “No one is above the law. Surprised to see how this case is being taken so lightly.”