Ten hottest pictures of Chris Evans that will make you say Oh La La

Captain America, Chris Evans is popular for his MCU universe movies but the actor has also worked previously in many teen shows and movies, besides that he is literally the hottest man alive. Although he said he doesn’t think he is hot there’s not a single person on this planet who will disagree with the fact that there are multiple shirtless pictures of Chris Evans just chilling on the internet and making everyone’s day every day. Here are ten of the hottest pictures of Chris Evans that will make your day.

  • The Push-Back
    We have seen multiple Shirtless Chris Evans pictures on the internet but this with his push-back hair and just a simple white tee is enough to increase the room temperature, also who can resist those opened pouters? we can’t, can you?
    Chris Evans – Gorgeous Gentlemen
  • Who increased the thermostat!
    Just one look and you are already melted by the hotness this man carries, God his back must’ve been hurting from all the extra hotness he carries. With that sexy hairy chest to his iconic opened lips, this picture surely can be the hottest one in this universe, we don’t make the rules.
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  • Strip that down for me
    Don’t you think it’s a little illegal for a man to be this hot? Well, when it comes to Chris nothing is illegal as long as he keeps increasing the temperature. with an almost stripping down pose he surely is not playing games
    Chris Evans Hot GIF - ChrisEvans Hot Boxers - Discover & Share GIFs
  • Wet Chris Evans is hot
    This man never takes a break from being hot even when he is actually wearing clothes, in this super sexy white tee which is wet and shows the sultry figure of Chris is everything you’ll ever want. and nothing is sexier than seeing Chris Evan’s tattoo through his shirt. Also, did you see those arms?
    Chris Evans Photos (@CEvansPhotos) | Twitter
  • Your boy next door
    At this point let’s just sign a petition for officially changing the definition of hot to Chris Evans. This throwback picture of young Chris Evans will make everyone drool and again we don’t make the rules. Those pink kissable lips are hard not to look at, and let us not forget those hairy pecs.
    Shirtless Chris Evans | Hot Pics, Photos and Images
  •  Tux it up sir!
    Don’t we all in the end just want a man all dressed up in a tuxedo and carrying that cute smile, Well, Chris Evans can do that too. He can be sexy without a shirt and he can be sexy wearing a tux, It’s really not that hard for him I guess.
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  • Let them know
    With a little push-back hair and the sexy slim fit red top with a brown bottom is definitely the top great picture of Chris on the internet right now, his eyes are just enough to make us drool
    Chris Evans like or reblog - Tumbex
  • A man in suspenders
    Chris in suspenders is always a cherry on top, don’t you think? This pic with no shirt on just a suspender is making us say oh la la, with a black undone tie just spells hotness
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  • Those opened lips
    Chris Evans is all about the next-door pretty boy but when it comes to this one, we cannot help but be transfixed at his sweaty forehead, his crimsoned half-oped pouters, and who can ignore those chiseled pecs? We surely can’t, can you?
    Chris Evans | The Closet Professor
  • Kissable lips
    Just a picture of Chris Evans Smiling with those kissable pink lips making it hard not to stare at and with those Egyptian blue eyes it’s just too hard to not spell this sexy.
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