The full story of Gautam Adani’s rise

A popular businessman Gautam Adani has a knack for surviving a crisis who was held for ransom more than two decades ago and in 2008 was among the hostage of Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace hotel during the terror attacks. In this attack, More than 160 people were killed.

Since then, Adani was not fallen. His continual efforts to enhance business led to overcome have propelled him to the ranks of India’s richest. Adani group has kept growing in business while the coronavirus outbreak sank the nation into an unprecedented recession.

During the pandemic, most of the shares of his firms have been surged such as mining, gas, and port units. Adani Green Energy Ltd. Has received a $6 billion solar–power deal that has jumped more than sixfold this year. This company’s ambition is to become the world’s largest renewable–energy maker by 2025.

“The market is having FOMO syndrome when it comes to Adani stocks,” said Sanjiv Bhasin who is the director at investment-management firm IIFL Securities Ltd.

Adani is one of the richest people in India after Mukesh Ambani. The net worth of Adani is $21.1 billion. In 1980, He tried in Mumbai’s diamond industry after dropping out of college. Later, he returned to his home state of Gujarat to help his brothers’ plastics business before setting up Adani Enterprises in 1988.