These 4 K-Pop idols has lot to say about BTS and their experience working them, Read details

BTS also known as Bangtan Boys is currently the highest and the biggest boy band in the world since The Beatles. They Have topped the charts multiple times, They earned their first Hot 100 number one position with their biggest single Dynamite which went viral overseas. They didn’t stop making hits as their next two singles topped the Hot 100 songs too. Many K-Pop idols have worked with BTS members and have a lot to say about their experience working with them. One of the idols was a trainee when she worked with a BTS member, find out who!

  •  ITZY’s Ryujin on working with Jimin and J-Hope.
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    Ryujin (류진) is a South Korean singer, rapper, and dancer under JYP Entertainment. She is the main rapper, a lead dancer, a sub-vocalist, and the center of the South Korean girl group ITZY. When she was a trainee she worked alongside BTS’s Jimin and J-Hope in BTS’s Love Yourself Highlight Reel. At a recent fan meet Ryujin said “They were really kind to me. I was really thankful for that because I was a trainee at the time” also adds “It was a great memory for me”.
  • IU on her experience working with Suga
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    K-pop Idol, singer-songwriter and actor IU has released her solo music and have been acting in K-Dramas for a very long time, she had the privilege to work with BTS’s Suga on her song EIGHT which Suga produced and was featured on. “Working together was comfortable. The creative process was relaxed and comfortable, the most laidback of any song I’ve recently worked on” she said.
  • Solbi speaking on Jin’s personality
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    Singer, artist, and TV personality Solbi worked alongside BTS’s Jin on Law of the Jungle, and the two became quite close. she said “When you go to the jungle, you have no choice but to become friends” later she added that when BTS got their first Billboard 200 she texted him and Jin replied instantly while he was busy with his schedule “There’s never been an instance where he didn’t reply to my text. That’s when I thought, ‘he is very detailed, that’s why he is doing so well. His personality is really good”
  • Younha on her collaboration with RM
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    In early 2020, Younha and BTS’s RM released “Winter Flower,” and in an interview, Younha shared that her collaboration with RM was the one that left the biggest impression on her. “I think my collaboration with RM left the biggest impression,” she said. Later she adds “RM played a large part in the depth of the song. He created a lot of those details. I’m really thankful to him for that. He’s very, very detailed. With every single mix or tune, he’s so detailed”