Top 5 most successful startups in world

ThousandEyes – Thousand eyes is a cloud-based service for monitoring and analytic processing of large amounts of data of businesses or any other sector. This technology company like Evernote, zynga the timelines of the project and the quality of its service. Unlike many other established cloud service companies thousand years is really different and unique and can be called a real startup. This is a promising project that continues to evolve it was founded by two programmers studying at the University of California after four years of the project existence it began to grow sharply.

Handy – This company is engaged in cloud software designed to manage large a large number of the team this helps the software for the HR department and also keep electronic records of hiring employee salary employee insurance and all other documentation, in addition, this service also provides access to the information from anywhere in the planet.

AdRoll – This is one of the brightest marketing projects the world has noticed in recent years. This startup is working on mobile retargeting and service for tracking and analysing the consumer behaviour on different platform and devices across from a marketing perspective for a business it was founded in 2014 with 70 million of investment.

Lyft – This was founded in 2014 it successfully attracted investments of more than 250 million dollars this online taxi service shows a more dynamic development than its main competitor like Uber this company was originated in San Francisco and in just one year it expanded its activities to more than 30 US states, of course, this led to the attention of reputable investors.

AirBnB – This project is surely what you have heard even if you are not interested in this business air bean to be is the fastest and convenient service by which tourist can rent accommodation directly from the owners were providing it without contacting various agents or agencies. In 2014 air bean be attracted over 500 million dollars of funding after which it valuation increased 210 billion dollar air b and b is considered the market leader in core consumption economy this service includes more than 15 million properties in 190 countries this has brought convenience to all the travellers globally.