We BET Shamita Shetty will win Bigg Boss OTT, here are 5 reasons why!

The first-ever OTT season of Bigg Boss is almost close to its half of the journey and we allegedly have the winner’s name. This name has been called in by the netizens and unexpectedly because of all the wrong reasons. Let’s try and decode Shamita’s game:-

  1. A former BB player: Shamita was a part of Bigg Boss Season 3 which eventually exposes her to all the pros and cons of living in that house. With the mental trauma, isolation, and everything one faces in the house for the first time, she already has that experience making her stand out stronger from others.
  2. A strategic gamer: Shamita knows her moves. Where to speak, where to walk off, where to confront and where to cry; she has strategies for every breath she takes making her the mastermind of this season.
  3. Picks people’s words to build issues: She minutely hears when someone is speaking and as they utter anything wrong out of anger and aggression, she picks it up like an eagle. And guess what next, she uses those to target them.
  4. Aware of BB winner’s pattern: She is exactly following the personality pattern of the previous winners such as Shilpa Shinde and Dipika Kakkar, to act, react and specifically perform as the ‘bahu’ and ‘maa’ of the house.
  5. Certainly KJo’s favorite: The fact that Karan Johar knows Shamita from outside is benefitting her having a smooth walk in the house. Every ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’, Karan openly favors whatsoever Shamita may have done throughout the week.

In today (28th August)’s 24*7 LIVE telecast, all connections were given a luxury budget task with Divya being the ‘Sanchalak’ of the task. In this task, all guys had to pamper and impress their ladies and whosoever does that best wins the luxury. In this exclusive written update by ‘The India Chron’, we will continue to bring in the major highlights happening 24*7 inside the Bigg Boss house. Stay Tuned!