Zahid F. Sarder Saddi Congratulates Community Ally Hakeem Jeffries on New Role in the Next Generation of Democratic Leadership

“Zahid F. Sarder Saddi has congratulated Representative Hakeem Jeffries on securing leadership in the US House of Representatives, replacing Nancy Pelosi as leader of the Democratic Party within the House. The US Representative of New York’s 8th Congressional District has previously earned praise for his support of Bangladeshi human rights and fair elections all over the world.”

WASHINGTON, DC, Dec. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Community Activist and former Bangladesh Foreign Advisor Zahid F. Sarder Saddi has extended heaping praise on colleague and friend Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, who has been named the new Democratic House Leader, replacing Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi in the important role. As the leader of the party on the House floor, Rep. Jeffries will be shouldering even greater responsibilities in helping guide the legislative priorities of the party in congress, especially in making moves to defend the rights of the Bangladeshi-American community.


image1.jpegPhoto: US Congressman Hakeem Jeffries with Bangladeshi Community Leader and former Bangladesh Foreign Advisor Zahid F. Sarder Saddi.


Serving the 8th District of New York, Congressman Jeffries has represented the greater parts of Brooklyn and Queens for 9 years, holding one of the largest Bangladeshi communities in the United States. Recently winning his fifth term in office, the US House Representative has built his reputation on Capitol Hill through the support of legislation protecting human rights across communities and borders.

Congressman Jeffries has shown strong advocacy for the South-Asian community, specifically the people of Bangladesh as a member of the Congressional Bangladesh Caucus. His new role as Democratic House Leader will no doubt see Congressman Jeffries communicate these priorities to each member of the US House of Representatives. Further fostering his relationship with the Bangladeshi community overseas, as a member of the Caucus, Rep. Jeffries has spoken out in favor of fair and free elections in Bangladesh and the protection of human rights.



Photo: US Congressman Jeffries Rejoices with Bangladeshi Community Leader and former Bangladesh Foreign Advisor Zahid F. Sarder Saddi and others amidst community Win

Emphasizing equal rights through his platform, Rep. Jeffries has embraced the rich culture of his constituents, prioritizing the preservation of the diversity of New York City and maintaining its status as a multi-cultural mecca. Rep. Jeffries takes part in community events, and even shows support for community measures like the establishment of Little Bangladesh, Little Thailand, and Ukrainian Way in their respective locations in Brooklyn and Queens.



Photo: Bangladeshi Community Leader and former Bangladesh Foreign Advisor Zahid F. Sarder Saddi and renowned Human Rights Defender Barrister Abu Sayem with US Congressman Jeffries. 

While the decision to choose Congressman Jeffries to succeed Congresswoman Pelosi was not publicly voted, the Representative of New York’s 8th District was elected unanimously to lead the party as the first Black lawmaker to do so within Congress. Also of a younger generation, three decades junior to previous Democratic leadership, the Congressman is slated to bring on a new era within the halls of the US House by aggressively representing the rights of all to preserve the tenets of democracy. “Congressman Jeffries is part of a brave and bold new generation of leadership in the US House of Representatives,” Saddi says. “We’re confident that we will continue to collaborate to serve the interests and protect the rights of Bangladeshi people worldwide.”

Zahid F. Sarder Saddi has worked with Rep. Jeffries through a common stance on various issues since his inauguration almost a full decade ago. Sharing common goals on a wide expanse of policies, such as the accessibility of voting rights, the protection of religious minorities from persecution, and global security, the two have found success through many partnerships. Through a shared passion for bringing peace and order to the Indo-Pacific region, Saddi’s experience as a foreign advisor proves crucial as he provides greater insight into the sociopolitical factors inherent to the location. As both Saddi and Rep. Jeffries hold a desire to give a voice to the voiceless, both look forward to continued collaboration in serving the interests of both the United States and the Bangladeshi people.



Photo: Almost a decade ago, in 2013, shortly after Hakeem Jeffries’ Inauguration as Representative of New York’s 8th District with Bangladeshi Community Leader and former Bangladesh Foreign Advisor Zahid F. Sarder Saddi.

Zahid F. Sarder Saddi has been a community leader for almost 30 years, serving the Bangladeshi people both domestically in the United States and overseas. The former Bangladesh Foreign Advisor has proven himself a tireless defender of the rights of the Bangladeshi community throughout his political career, making allies on both sides of the aisle within the legislative and executive branches of the US Government. Saddi looks forward to watching Rep. Jeffries’ ever-developing political career as it will no doubt continue to grow through consistent momentum.


Zahid F. Sarder Saddi is an influential civil society leader, humanitarian, and advocate for Bangladesh and its people. He helps Bangladeshi expatriates assimilate into life in the United States while also preserving their own values and traditions. Zahid F. Sarder Saddi works with several organizations and holds a special passion for helping the Bangladeshi community in the United States and around the world.

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