6 best Boy Love Series that you should watch with your lover

Single or in love we always want to cry watching the sweetest moments between cute couples on TV, and wherein western television there is very little representation of the LGBTQ community Thai television have the best LGBTQ representation in the best way possible. From gay trauma to gay panicking to many cute moments to handsome BL hunks here are some of the best Thai BL series to watch with your lover.

Love by Chance
Love By Chance
Love by chance is probably the cutest but also the sexiest BL series of all time, with a perfect equation of cute moments and steamy scenes this series surely knows how to make its viewers feel single.

Tharntype: The Series': Why everyone needs to watch this show – Film Daily
Best casted show ever, with a perfect blend of cute and hot features in the characters is everything you need to see in this BL. The best kissing scenes in the BL history goes to TharnType am I right? Also, who doesn’t want a caring boyfriend like Tharn? We know you do.

2gether the Series
2Gether The Series: The Ending We Deserve? - Kchat JjigaeKchat Jjigae
Tine saying Sarawat and Shia in the cutest way possible make us all have butterflies in our stomach just like Tine haves them when Sarawat teases him. Best high school drama and a great love story, a must-watch.

Theory of Love
Theory Of Love - ทฤษฎีจีบเธอ - Part 1/2 [Review] - Love Without Gender from Psychomilk
A story about one-sided love that keeps us hooked till the end but wait there’s a happy ending in this series. The series is divided between two characters and showing their POVs. I mean give an Oscar to the writer, I know right?

Why R U?
LINE TV (TH)'s — Why R U?: The Series (ENG/SUB) Episode 12 [BL Thai]
One of the sexiest BL series in the history of BL, great cast with handsome hunks with a basic enemy to lovers storyline. The Series is filled with steamy scenes it also shows two different love stories one platonic and one that is more sexual in nature but both ends up to be an iconic love story.

Until We Meet Again
Until We Meet Again - Episode 3 [Review] - Love Without Gender from Psychomilk
A gay reincarnation series with a lot of emotional scenes? But also with tons of cute moments is probably the reason why this one is at the top of the list. Also, Do you get goosebumps too every time they show us flashbacks? Because we do!