6 things you need to know before getting into K-pop

K-pop is such a vast community of musicians and artists from Korea who have spread their musical magic across the globe. BTS being at the top, there are other k-pop groups and k-pop idols that have been serving us hit after hits. From Twice to Blackpink to EXO and the Big Hits new Boy Band Tomorrow X Together all are in for the race to become the biggest band in the world. However, a solo artists like Hwasa and IU also have been doing well in music recently. But the question is do you want to stan K-pop too? Do you want to be called ARMY, Blink and ONCE? Do not worry we have listed few things you need to before stanning K-pop.
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  • What is an idol?

K-pop idols are usually the members of the group or the solo artists that people adore. A K-pop idol is a person who is under an entertainment company, (YG, SM, BigHit). For example, BTS is a boy band and BTS’S fellow members are K-pop idols.
IU - 아이유 - Rakuten Viki

  •  What is a bias? And how to know yours? What a bias wrecker?

The literal meaning of bias is a strong feeling of favour towards or against one group of people, similar to K-pop bias when you like someone from the group a little too much than other members. That brings us to bias wrecker, when you like more than one person from the group the other person would be your bias wrecker (you can’t have two biases, it’s not acceptable in K-pop). For instance, your bias is Lisa from Blackpink but you like Jisoo too so Jisoo would be your bias wrecker.

  • Different roles

There are different roles appointed to members of the group, the roles can be Leader, Main Singe, Lead Singer, Main Rapper, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer, Lead Dancer, Maknae. The maknae of a group is the youngest member.
Seventeen (South Korean band) - Wikipedia

  • Fan Chants

Fans chant during the performances. Sometimes it is lyrics, or the group’s name, or random things in reply to the song. When you see K-pop performances, usually when the song begins or during a dance break, there will be a fan chant, which usually contains the members’ names and their group.

  • Fandom names

Each group has a name given by their fans which is very popular in Korea and K-pop. ARMY, Blink, ONCE and EXO-L are some of the popular fandom names.

  • How to save money?

Only a true K-pop stan will know the pain of how expensive K-pop merch and concert tickets can be. The prices of merches and Concert tickets are very high and by the time you save money for a concert, your Maknae won’t be Maknae anymore!
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