7 times BTS didn’t give a damn about gender norms

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys is a popular boy band in Korea and overseas. BTS is mainly known for its music because it’s unique and very catchy, but fashion also played an important role in gaining popularity overseas. They’ve been doing it for years and we can say that they’re kind of a poster child in breaking gender norms. From wearing all pink to skirts to wearing accessories here are seven times BTS didn’t give a damn about gender norms.

V’s street fashion. 

When it comes to V he always has out of box ideas for his streetwear, In this, he has seen gracefully carrying a skirt-leggings combo. Casual yet stylish right?

Airport look

RM effortlessly carrying skirt leggings is everything you want to see at the airport and wearing a sweatshirt on top spells perfection.

Jimin’s earring

Jimin has always been a huge contributor in breaking gender norms and he once again didn’t give a damn and wore this chic earring which goes so perfectly with the smokey eye make-up.

 If the shoe fits, wear it!

Suga’s custom-made Gucci shoes with blue crystals, that’s it that’s the line.

Singles Magazine

BTS was featured on Singles magazine and they served us some looks, which includes fishnets, skirts, corsets, chokers, and stockings! Also, RM’s corset is way too hot to handle.

Who needs pockets when you can carry chic bags?

J-Hope surely doesn’t give a damn about gender norms and was seen wearing a chic bag that seems to have less storage but it goes well with his outfit so it’s a win-win.

All pink BTS

Pink is a stereotypical “girl” color but BTS went all pink to promote their album Map of the Soul: Persona and gave us many shades of pink.