Actress Savita Bajaj gets financial help from Nadiya Ke Paar co-star Sachin Pilagonkar’s wife Supriya

The pandemic has effected a lot of B Town Celebs and especially the senior actors. Many have lost their live, and many lost their close ones. The veteran actress Savita Bajaj is hospitalized for suffering from Corona and is running out of money.

The veteran actress had said in an interview that she is not having sufficient money has used all her savings on her ailing health.

The actress I best known for her work in ‘Beta Ho Toh Aisa’, ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’ and ‘Nishant’. Bajaj confessed that has spent all her savings on her hospital and medicine bills so far. Felling pity on her, actress Supriya Pilgaonkar has extended her helping hand to the lady. Nupoor Alankar, who was taking care of Savita Bajaj revealed to Times of India, “Supriya Pilgaonkar has come forward and helped and some committee members of CINTAA too have pitched in so that we can pay some portion of the hospital,”

Speaking on Bajaj’s health Nupoor Pilgaonkar says that she is still on oxygen support and need financial help and if she fails to pay hospital bill on time, her treatment will be delayed.

The 79 year old actress seeks help from his colleagues and friends for her recovery. We hope Savita Ji make recover soon and return her house safely.