Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra breaks glass in anger, after Tejasswi Prakash fights with Rashami Desai

Colors’ notorious reality show Bigg Boss 15 is again showing its true colours as after a considerabl;e amount of time we finally got to savour some more drama courtesy the inmates of the glass walled house. And this time it was again Karan Kundrra and Tejaswwi Prakash!

Well for a long time we have seen them getting close to each other and the possibility of a ropmance brewing between them is barely a question anymore. However, the other day when Salamn Khan revealed Karan’s hypocrisy towards Tejasswi, the audiences were in for a bit of a shock because the bubble seemed to burst. And yet again we saw Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi at loggerheads. When Rashami Desai and Tejasswi Prakash got into an argument, it was Karan who intervened and tried to mitigate issues between the two. Tejasswi then requested Karan and Rashami to lt her speak and put forth her opinion.

However, Karan denied her that request and that is when Tejasswi’s patience broke the fence and she got agitated and teary eyed. On seeing Tejasswi lose it, Karan tried banish her by asking her to calm down and not shout. Now, this is when Tejasswi say, she is upset and that Rashami never talks to the point and confuses everyone. Her agitation then suddenly touched the fan and she hollered at Karan, “”The more you ask me to stay calm, I am going to lose it.” This gets Karan defensive and he leaves the conversation there and then.

However, Tejasswi tells Karan that she wants him to be part of the conversation and hen Karan returns to it, Rakhi Sawant comes in the picture and opines that Tejasswi should have been given a chance to talk. This gets Karan furthermore angered and he breaks a glass thereafter stating that he isn’t there to take disrecpect just because he is understanding and empathising by nature. He tells Tejasswi, “ “Do no talk to me in a derogatory way, I am eight years elder to you.”

This makes Tejasswi break down and she starts crying and sits all alone in one corner of the house. Karan comes to her and asks if he could talk. In the course of the conversation, Karan tells her that she shouldn’t have repeatedly asked Rashami whether she is insecure about the two of them (Karan and Tejasswi). Tejasswi goes on to indirectly castigate him by telling him, if a person gets hyper, no one shouldn’t ask that person to calm down because it makes the person frustrated even more. Karan apologises to her and says, “”Okay, lesson learnt.” Tejasswi feels bad for her behaviour and tells him, “I am sorry, I snapped at you.”

Later, once again for the camera, the two of them get cozy with each other and hug it out.