Bigg Boss LIVE Update: Moose Jattana & Nishant Bhat win the luxury budget task, housemates enjoy date night

Around 09:15 PM (28th August), the luxury budget task ended offering all connections a beautiful date night. The guys of the house pampered their ladies and even cooked food for them whereas Divya who’s alone in the house monitored their efforts as a ‘Sanchalak’. Divya at the end announced Nishant and Moose as the winners of the task.

The weekend may have ended with good food, music, and dances but maybe this is the feast before a storm. Tomorrow is ‘Sunday Ka Vaar’ and multiple housemates would have been listed by KJo to get grilled. The nominated contestants this week are the swapped ones, Milind-Akshara and Neha-Pratik where the netizens are assuming either of the ladies will get to leave.

Sunny Leone is all set to raise Sunday’s temperature and would bring some exciting things to the show. On the content scale, this week has given enormous things which can be brought to highlight, a few of which are – connections swap, Zeeshan eviction, Neha accusing Milind, Nishant-Moose budding love story, Divya as always, the captaincy task, Akshara’s friendship rift and many more.

It would be interesting to see what comes on Karan Johar’s plate. In this exclusive written update by ‘The India Chron’, we will continue to bring in the major highlights happening 24*7 inside the Bigg Boss house. Stay Tuned!