Bigg Boss OTT: Pratik Sehajpal constantly calls Raqesh Bapat spineless, latter breaks down in tears”

Bigg Boss OTT is an extremely challenging show. It is common for the contestants to go through various emotions such as anger, sadness, contentment, and even depression. Contestants like Shamita Shetty, Divya Agarwal, Ridhima Pandit and Pratik Sehajpal have been seen bickering quite a number of times now.

Recently, in one of the episodes, the very calm and composed Raqesh Bapat lost his cool and broke down in tears after a fight with Pratik. Raqesh and Shamita were recently chosen as the Bossman and Bosslady of the house. Along with Moose and Nishant, the two had to decide the weakest connection in the house. During this, Pratik mocked Raqesh and called him spineless numerous times and this did not sit well with the Bossman.

Going all defensive and uncontrollable, Pratik kept calling Raqesh spineless. This triggered Raqesh and he broke down in tears.

During the breakdown, Raqesh said: “My father wouldn’t be happy to see me like this!” He further said, “I am an Army personnel’s son, and my father would always tell me to fight for what’s right. He wouldn’t be happy to see me fighting over small matters.”


Shamita Shetty, Ridhima Pandit and Karan Nath were instantly seen supporting Raqesh. His long-term friend and contestant Nishant also teared up after seeing Raqesh get emotional. Nishant said, “I’ve never seen him like that”.Later, Pratik apologised to Raqesh for his triggering comments. Nishant also sorted out his differences with Raqesh and said that he only wants the best for him.