BREAKING: Shane Warne Suffered A “Drug Crazed S*X Heart Attack”, Reveals Thailand Source!

BREAKING: Shane Warne Suffered A “Drug Crazed S*X Heart Attack, Reveals Thailand Source!

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne died in Thailand on Friday, 4th March 2022. The police have confirmed that the cricketer died of natural causes and have also ruled out any foul play.

However, evidence and photos, and videos from the hotel he was residing in Thailand have something else to say.

Warne was never away from controversies. In fact, throughout his life, there have been sexual controversies surrounding him. he was forever involved in drugs, gambling habits, and sex scandals. Just two years ago MailOnline reported that the cricketer was involved in a four-way sex party wi8th his then-lover and two escorts in his home in London. He was a father of three and yet he was linked to many women of repute and disrepute.  In the year 2018, he was involved in another infamous threesome with two sex models and a blow-up sex toy. Just two years later he lost Australian vice-captaincy because of sending dirty texts to a British nurse while he was married and was a father.

And now when he breathed his last at the age of 52 while holidaying with friends in or as describes it “boy’s holiday to Thailand”, there are pictures of him that have surfaced which shows him in compromising positions with some women in what seems to be a hotel room.

According to a close source, we at have received exclusive information about the parties Warne was involved in. The source tells us, “Warne had a heart attack in Thailand, he has been on a coke-fuelled hooker orgy and died, God bless him” He went on to emphasise the fact that it was a “drug-crazed sex heart attack”.

He also shared photos of Warne lying on the bed with two women engaged in sexual activities. In one picture Shane is seen lying down with two women on the same bed. While Shane is seen caressing the boobs of one lady the other is giving him oral pleasure. And in the other picture, as Shane continues to receive oral pleasure from one woman the other two are making love as Shane looks on with lustful eyes.


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