Deepika Padukone NOT INVITED to Met Gala 2022? Fans Wonder, As She Spends Time With Friend, READ ON FOR THE REAL REASON

Deepika Padukone NOT INVITED to Met Gala 2022? Fans Wonder, as she is spotted spending time with a friend amid nature

Deepika Padukone isn’t at the Met Gala. The actress was seen in a photo doing the rounds on social media since the morning. In it, Deepika is seen spending quality time with a friend amid nature. The funniest part is the actress quite cleverly didn’t upload the picture on her official Instagram handle.

Check out the picture right here –

In the photo, Deepika can be seen wearing a casual whitish-grey shirt and jeans with a brown cap. In the picture she is seen to be gleefully looking at a species of a yellow flower she seems to have never seen. She is looking at it with gleeful intent.

The picture was shared by interior designer Vinta Chaitanya and she captioned the photo saying, ‘Twinning, this morning, with a fellow naturalist 💚😃@deepikapadukone … #worklife #interiordesigner.’ If media reports are to be believed, Vinta is currently designing Ranveer and Deepika’s Alibaug home.

Now, the catch with the photo is that many of Deepika’s fans and followers are making conjectures about the reason for her not being at MET Gala this year. People are even questioning whether she wasn’t invited to the event this year. People have myriad opinions and some of them have been written down in her comment section. One fan wrote, ‘Why isn’t she at MET?’, another one added, ‘She’s not attending the Met Gala this year???’

Another fan asked, “She’s not attending the Met Gala this year???”

Another Instagram story from the influencer Diet Sabya has an answer to her absence from the Met Gala. Well, allegedly a crew member from Pathan DMed Diet Sabya revealing the reason for her absence from the Met Gala this year. She wrote, “I work in Pathaan crew… She was called back from abroad to shoot patchwork of our movie till 6th May that’s why she didn’t go despite the invite.!!”

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