Delhi Court permitted Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar to get all her belongings from her Matrimonial house

Honey Singh a really famous singer had returned to the music industry of Bollywood after taking a break for a long while. After a few years of him being back, the star got into a controversial case.

Honey Singh’s wife, Shalini Talwar had filed a complaint against the actor which stated that he promoted domestic violence and Shalini was a victim to it. This was an expected news and to talk about it our team tried to reach out to Honey Singh, but the actor gave no response.

Now, Now Delhi court on Friday permitted the rapper’s wife to get back to their apartment to get het belongings. The court mentioned she should go there to get her belongings without getting into any “unhealthy conversation” regarding the domestic violence case that she had filed against the singer or his family.

The court demanded that the lawyers of both Singh and Talwar should be present there when Shalini goes to her Matrimonial house to get her belongings and make a list of all the things to videograph them.

The lawyer representing Shalini Talwar was Sandeep Kapoor. Advocate Kapoor demanded that Singer Honey Singh should not be granted the authority to sell or create a third part entity for the Matrimonial house, bar or even the dowry articles which Shalini had brought in when the two got married. He even instructed him to not meet Shalini Talwar.