Enthusiastic Bitandex Launches As The First Social Media Platform For Cryptocurrencies

ISTANBUL, TURKEY, March 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bitandex is a cutting-edge SocialFi Metaverse ecosystem that facilitates connections between cryptocurrency enthusiasts and improves trading opportunities. This platform focuses on leveraging the benefits of crypto and the metaverse, as well as the digital transformation they bring to the economy. Bitandex believes that the metaverse has far more users than people think and can help reduce costs across different industries. For example, as more people shift to online education, the metaverse can help create virtual training courses at low cost and enable people worldwide to get a better education. Crypto has unprecedented potential, and many altcoins have emerged in these years. They have witnessed an increase of over 1000% and yearned for high profits for the investors. 

Bitandex attaches great importance to protecting users’ privacy and tries to create an environment where users can perform well and have freedom of speech.

Many features can be seen in the Bitandex platform, which can be eye-catching for any user. One of the exciting features of this platform is the ability to make audio and video calls with other users. This is the only platform that can do it. Creating unique communities is another special feature of Bitandex. Creating advertising campaigns on the Bitandex platform is one of its exclusive and valuable features. Bitandex encourages people to learn more about crypto and increases their awareness of trends. Learning more about crypto and raising awareness will help people realize how they can earn better with low-risk portfolios. Smart contracts are another element of focus for Bitandex. Security breaches and hacking are reasons people are hesitant to invest in crypto. Still, smart contracts reinstate trust in crypto. It also gives them control over their digital wallet and the liberty to invest at their discretion. Diversity is another advantage of smart contracts. A wide range of smart contracts are applicable, and one can be chosen according to the type of transaction. These are compelling reasons to implement blockchain technology in the country’s trading system.

Bitandex was founded by Mahdad Khatami, an economic activist who believes that the metaverse and crypto are the new world enablers for cost reduction in education and entertainment, as well as for businesses and individuals to generate greater profits. He believes that the bridge of knowledge must be crossed before these resources can be utilized to their fullest potential.

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