EQUASENS: FY 2022 revenue: +10.88% to €214.07m

Villers-lès-Nancy, 3 February 2023 – 6:00 p.m. (CET)


FY 2022 revenue: +10.88% to €214.07m

  • Like-for-like (incl. PROKOV EDITIONS in Q4), FY 2022 revenue rose 8.82% to €210.09m.
    • The Group confirms the efficiency of its strategy of promoting interoperability between healthcare professionals and establishments, with the priorities of structuring the healthcare offer, improving coordination between healthcare professionals and exchanging patient data.
  • The Group strengthens its expertise and leadership position as a healthcare technology solution provider with the qualification of 7 software products under 4 categories of the Ségur programme.
    • id. by Pharmagest for pharmacies, DOMILINK HAD and DOMILINK SSIAD for home care healthcare professionals, HOSPILINK for hospitals and specialised structures, TITAN for nursing homes, MédiStory 4 for primary care practitioners and multidisciplinary group practices, and MEDILINK for multidisciplinary group practices.
  • The French Digital Healthcare investment programme (Ségur du Numérique en Santé) contributed €7.10m to 2022 revenue.
  • Continuing expansion in Europe in 2023, after successfully strengthening its positions in the UK (CAREMEDS) and Germany (I-MEDS), and developing in other healthcare segments.
In €m 2021 2022 Change
Q1 45.27 49.36 9.03 %
Q2 48.63 54.21 11.48 %
Q3 44.21 50.13 13.39 %
Q4 54.95 * 60.40 9.90 %
Annual revenue 193.07 214.07 ** 10.88 %


* Consolidation of PROKOV EDITIONS in Q4 2021
** unaudited


2022 highlights

As a reminder, as of January 1, 2022:

  • the Digital Communications Business Unit was integrated into the PHARMAGEST Division;
  • the Telemedicine business is attached to the AXIGATE LINK Division.

These changes are taken into account for N-1 to facilitate comparison on an identical basis.

  • The PHARMAGEST Division had revenue of €156.30m at 31 December 2022, a 7.62% increase from one year earlier. This Division accounted for 73.01% of total Equasens Group’s revenue for 2022.
    • In France, annual revenue rose 7.65% to €140.77m.

Apart from the Ségur programme qualification obtained on 14 November 2022 boosting sales of the id. by Pharmagest solution (a new, profoundly revamped version of the LGPI suite) in the final weeks of the year (revenue of €2.02m), this Business Unit’s growth momentum of the first nine months (+7.24%) remained on track with notable performances from both its software activities (launch of new offerings such as id.Mobility and OffiSecure Fibre, the continued rollout of interoperability solutions) and hardware (support for the deployment of electronic labels with the Group’s equipment financing offering proposed by its subsidiary HEALTHLEASE, strengthening of technical and training teams for installations).

  • In Italy, annual revenue rose 9.19% to €10.40m.

This Business Unit continued to roll out its offering, with both software solutions for pharmacies (new version of the id. software) and wholesaler-distributors (deployment of the new version of the Farmaclick ordering platform), and equipment (sales of hardware and MULTIMEDS manual pill dispensers). To achieve its development goals, the Group implemented an investment plan: strengthening sales and customer service teams (technicians and instructors), opening new branches to be closer to its customers.

  • Annual revenue in Belgium was down 4.08% to €2.49m (this Business Unit represents 1.17% of total Group revenue in 2022).

The Belgian pharmacy sector is continuing its transition to a business model with a greater focus on the profitability of its structures. While the situation has stabilized with pharmacy groups through the joint efforts of the Customer Service and R&D departments, this Business Unit is continuing to strengthen its position with the independent companies. With the new id. version and the launch of electronic labels, the sales team has considerable strengths.

  • Annual revenue of the Digital Communication Business Unit rose 12.64% to €2.63m.

In addition to the well-known pharmaceutical companies, the Group has also expanded its portfolio with the addition of smaller companies. This business mix (catalogue management, communication and/or notification services, statistics) has enabled the Business Unit to maintain a steady revenue stream. In 2022, it completed 165 communication campaigns for nearly 80 partners.

  • The AXIGATE LINK Division had revenue of €32.61m at 31 December 2022, a 15.00% increase from one year earlier. This Division accounted for 15.23 % of total Equasens Group’s revenue for 2022.

All the Division’s activities are growing in their respective markets, boosted by the rollout of the Ségur programme offerings:

  • The Nursing Home activity (TITAN solution): +17.72% to €16.58m (including €1.83m from the Ségur programme).

After a pre marketing phase of TITANLINK (a multilingual, multicountry cloud version of TITAN), the first deployments were in France (MALTA INFORMATIQUE) and Belgium (MALTA BELGIUM).

  • For the Hospital-at-Home care sector (DOMILINK HAD and DOMILINK SSIAD): +6.23% to €5.90m (including €1.08m from the Ségur programme).
  • For hospitals (HOSPILINK): +2.87% to €4.37m (including €0.27m from the Ségur programme).
  • For the Healthcare Establishment and Private Practice sector (MEDILINK): +22.96% to €5.04m (including €0.64m from the Ségur programme).

Revenue from pandaLAB Pro grew significantly (+36% to €1.14m). Bolstered by PANDALAB’s dual ISO 27001 and HDS certification, guaranteeing a high level of confidentiality and security for health data, pandaLAB Pro will intensify its marketing efforts, with a particular focus on private establishments.

  • The Telemedicine sector: +94.09% to €0.72m (this Business Unit accounted for 0.33% of total Group revenue in 2022).

Placing this activity within the AXIGATE LINK Division dedicated to health and social care facilities and services will help promote and develop the ETPLINK / HDJLINK solutions (management of therapeutic programmes and day hospitalisation / outpatient care for these establishments) as well as CARELIB EHPAD (resident call services, falls detection and geolocation solutions for nursing homes) within these healthcare structures.

  • The E-CONNECT Division had revenue of €16.94m at 31 December 2022, up 6.22% from one year earlier. This Division accounted for 7.91% of total Equasens Group’s revenue for 2022.
    • e-Connect Business Unit: +5.10% to €13.45m.

Adopting a second life CSR strategy enabled this Business Unit to grow despite constraints imposed by supply chain difficulties for electronic components that were correctly anticipated. To limit its effects, the Business Unit thus decided to accelerate its strategy of increasing the diversification of its manufacturing subcontracting.

  • The Frailty Management sector (NOVIAcare solutions) declined 49.55% to €0.03m (this Business Unit accounted for 0.01% of total Group revenue in 2022).

The business development action plan is starting to produce results and has boosted the marketing of the LIVIAHOME by NOVIAcare offering by increasing its access to the general public thanks to its integration into the BOULANGER Marketplace in particular. In Europe, qualified partners and manufacturers (including Netherlands, Belgium, Germany) have approved the first orders of units to be delivered in the first months of 2023.

  • The Compliance Business Unit (which in 2022 combined the activities of CAREMEDS, MULTIMEDS and I-MEDS): +11.98% to €3.45m.

The Business Unit maintained its level of growth. The acquisition of 100% control of these activities will accelerate the Group’s development of these offerings for the European customers of the Group’s Divisions and strengthen its position in the European markets (particularly in the UK and Germany).

  • The MEDICAL SOFT Division (which includes the activity of PROKOV EDITIONS integrated in Q4 2021) had annual revenue of €6.22m (+106.90% in Q4 2022 from the same period in 2021). This Division accounted for 2.90 % of total Equasens Group’s revenue for 2022.

As the first company in the market to obtain Ségur certification for its MédiStory 4 medical software on 05/30/2022, PROKOV EDITIONS once again demonstrated its commercial agility by immediately deploying its certified offering while maintaining significant R&D efforts to develop new innovative modules for specialised physicians in particular.

  • The FINTECH Division had revenue of €2.01m at 31 December 2022, down 18.03% from one year earlier. This Division accounted for 0.94 % of total Equasens Group’s revenue for 2022.

Despite a mature offering and high quality lending partners, this activity continues to be impacted by unfavourable conditions in the financing market caused by significant interest rate increases in 2022.


In 2022, Equasens Group validated its growth strategy (organic and external) while the acceptance of its software solutions for the Ségur programme provided a confirmation of its technological know-how and expertise. On that basis, the Group is expecting annual results to be in line with previous years.

For 2023, after successfully strengthening its positions in the UK (CAREMEDS) and Germany
(I-MEDS), the Group maintains its goals for expansion in Europe and development in other areas of healthcare.

Financial calendar

  • 2022 annual results: 24 March 2023 after the close of trading.
  • Analysts meeting on the 2022 annual results: 27 March 2023, 11:30 a.m. – Paris.

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