Fans gets concerned about ‘SidNazz’ and shares a video of the duo

After Sidharth Shukla’s sudden demise, fans get concerned about the popular ‘On screen’ couple Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill. Both of them were contestants of Bigg Boss 13 and fans admired the bonding that both of them shared and named them SidNaaz lovingly during Bigg Boss 13 which still continued today.

Recently after the death of the actor, one of their video goes viral where Sidharth is seen telling Shehnaaz that she should call him whenever she needs him. He says, “Even when you turn 70, and if I am alive till then, feel free to call me.” This kept Shehnaaz blushing and this gave assurance to both of them that they will be in each other’s side even if they are far away.

Netizens recalls the bond between Shehnazz and Sidharth and feels bad and shares tweets and messages about their ‘incomplete love story’. Some of the fans even write paragraphs that how not every love stories are meant to be together. Some of the fans also tweeted, “Sidharth ko shehnaaz se aisa door kardiya bhagwaan ne ab phirse waapas nahi dikhenge ek saath…💔💔💔
I hate you god 💔😭, Sidharth waapas aajao pleaseeeeeee…😭😭😭😭, #SidharthShukla #SidNaaz.” Where another user wrote , “And The #sidnazz era end’s here💔 , Dear #SidHearts #SidNaaz He loves you all the most Don’t Hurt yourself Today He is Within You , #SidharthShuklaTheShiningStar
#SiddharthShukla #RIPSiddharthShukla”. Here are links of some of the fans tweet,

Recently, Shefali Bagga who is the Bigg Boss co participant had earlier shared with TheIndian Express that Shehnaaz hasn’t been answering calls and has even switched off her phone. It is really disheartening to see how Shehnazz mourns the loss of her dear friend and co participant.