From Jimin to Zendaya, these celebrities brutally destroyed gender norms

Toxic masculinity has always been a huge part that is talked about in Hollywood. But very few celebrities have come out and took a stand and destroyed gender norms. Women wearing tux and suits to men wearing skirts and dresses, people have always criticized them for being themselves. Jimin from BTS wearing a skirt to Zendaya rocking a tuxedo check out these amazing celebrities breaking gender norms from all over the world.

  • Jimin in mesh, that’s it.
    Jimin from Bts is popularly known for his vocal abilities but yes this man can dress well and his fashion sense is extraordinary. In this Jimin is rocking that mesh crop top with a mesh jacket and it’s everything you need to see. Did you know he selects his own outfits?
    I can't believe I got inside your skirt just a few minutes after I s… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad | Bts jimin, Jimin hot, Jimin
  • Dresses are for men too.
    Billy Porter slaying this black lengthed dress at Oscars like no other, Billy identifies as a gay male and has always been out loud about men wearing dresses is normal and it’s just like women wearing pants. Billy has worn multiple dresses to red carpets.
    How Billy Porter's Oscar Gown Changed the World - Variety
  • Our euphoria girl
    Zendaya has not yet confirmed her sexuality but fans surely want to see more of her masc side, she rocked this tuxedo at a red carpet and fans surely were drooling
    Zendaya And Michael B Jordan Wore Same Berluti Suit
  • Sarah knows how to pose in a tux
    Academy Award winner Sarah Paulson started wearing tuxes on the red carpets way before it was cool. this amazing actress has everyone on their feet with her acting skills but she surely knows how to rock a tuxedo.
    Pin auf Paulson
  • Macho Vin Diesel
    We have seen so many male celebrities serving looks in skirts but did you know Vin diesel once wore a skirt on a red carpet? He surely knows how to carry a skirt like a man.
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  • Love, Keiynan Lonsdale.
    Love Simon star Keiynan is openly gay and proud, he has seen slaying multiple looks in dresses and skirts but this look in particular spells perfection. Keiynan is seen wearing a tux on top and a gorgeous skirt at the bottom which makes us fall in love with both his feminine and masculine sides and it spells amazing.
    From Keiynan Lonsdale to Kurt Cobain, These 7 Male Celebrities Know How to Wear a Dress | Hornet, the Gay Social Network
  • Jaden Smith
    Probably one of the most famous stars known for wearing dresses, Jaden Smith has become a poster child of gender fluidity. By rocking this amazing winter dress he surely takes the cake.
    male celebs who wear dresses 2
  • No, we didn’t forget Harry Styles.
    Harry Styles probably might be the hottest singer alive and that’s a fact, he made the temperature rise with just one picture of him posing for Vogue in a dress and fans went nuts when this picture was out along with a lot of criticism but the gender laws can go and take a hike.
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