How India is dominating the world with OTT media

India’s massive boom in the field of technology has grabbed the attention of the world. India prioritized internet availability to its people and advanced 5G capabilities. This most populous country in the world is growing at record-breaking speeds.

E-commerce on a national level is taking India by storm. Conducting business, shopping, education, and news sites are commonplace in India as well as other advanced countries globally. CItizens turn to the internet for entertainment, exploration, and common events. Networking is part of the Indian business culture.

The OTT Market

Embracing the OTT market could be the most significant technological development India will make in this century. In this article, we will examine what the OTT market consists of and why it is vital for the development of the country.

What is OTT

OTT stands for over-the-top media services. OTT refers to any service (such as movie streaming) available with the internet instead of distribution networks like cable and DTH, Television, and broadcasting stations. This is a significant breakthrough for content delivery for general business purposes, training in various fields (such as medical specialties), and entertainment providers in every venue. The delivery of the information costs less than traditional broadcasting, increasing its popularity among global companies and general viewers. Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur expects the OTT market in India to grow by 21% or 2-Billion in the coming months. Further, due to the advancement of technology and the skilled IT workforce available in India, the entertainment sector could generate $25-Billion annually by 2025.

Another industry that uses OTT technology as a form of entertainment is online lotteries. This industry is no stranger to performance marketing as it has been a major player in digital leadership for more than a decade. People from India can play historical favorites like Satta Matka with Lottoland as well as international lotteries. Experts expect the industry to have a global value of USD 14.5 billion by 2026.

Building your brand

Internet speed and seamless content viewing over multiple electronic devices has been achieved in the industry. This is critical for the sustainability of customer bases and company followers.

Because of the popularity of OTT platforms, they are often targeted by advertisers and marketing companies. It is believed that the ad market in this field will exceed $700 billion globally.  Financial gain and popularity in brand building are the primary reason for the significant shift in the advertising industry toward these entertainment mediums.

Audiences are growing rapidly due to major advertising firms using this platform to increase their investments. There is no downside to this medium.

Photo credit: Domenico Loia

Top OTT Platforms currently in India

OTT Platforms in India currently, include:

Disney+ Hotstar

The Disney owned service allows access to Marvel, Star Wars, and many popular Disney animated movies and shows. The platform contains TV shows, web series, sports, kid’s content, and news.

Amazon Prime Video

India has made news for its original web series such as Mirzapur, The Family Man, Tandav, Paatal Lok, and One-Mic Stand. Customers who choose various plans have access to international TV shows and movies, regional content, Bollywood, kid’s content, and iconic TV shows. Prime Video is available in six Indian languages and English. Amazon Prime membership is an affordable Rs 179 monthly, Rs 459 for three months, and Rs 999 for one a year.

MX Player

Users receive syndicated content along with their own originals. There is no charge for the streaming service, as it is funded by showing ads between viewing  content.


There are several Netflix subscription plans include:

  • Mobile
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Prices begin at Rs 149 monthly. Netflix is available for on smartphones, streaming devices, smart TVs, tablets, and computers.

ZEE5 offers include

  • 2800+ Blockbuster Movies
  • More than 150 Web Series
  • TV shows
  • Ad-free
  • Access to ZEE5 and AltBalaji’c content
  • Three screens access

Subscriptions are available for three-month periods up to one-year.

Other choices include:

  • Jio Cinema
  • Sony LIV
  • Sun NXT
  • Hoichoi
  • Stage
  • Voot
  • YouTube Premium

More selections and features are continually being added to the mix. From film, music, industry, and art, no matter what genre you enjoy, OTT provides viewing accommodations. It is definitely in demand and will be in the future.


India maintains a vital position as the industry leader. The future of technological viewing has arrived in India. While OTT service is still in its infancy, we urge you to research the topic. OTT is often brought up in entertainment conversation. This is a delightful source of news and entertainment for the consumer and a massive financial opportunity for investors, companies, and global brands. Take the time to try it for yourself. You may find it to be your preferred viewing method or the perfect choice for growing your business.